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Professional protocol can make the difference between getting ahead and staying where you are. Customers want to do business with people they trust. Business etiquette skills give you a professional competitive advantage.

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Business Etiquette

In today’s fiercely competitive business arenas, etiquette and protocol intelligence will distinguish you from the crowd. This unique intelligence will give you an edge that will make the difference between you and your competition.

Business Dining

Good manners are considered important qualifications for all professionals. Your table manners are on display at networking events, client luncheons and business functions. Make sure you know what to do.

Dress to Impress

It takes a client less than 10 seconds to form an impression. This means that most clients make a decision about you before you even speak. Make sure you make a great first and lasting impression.

Professional Protocol

The Professional Protocol Series module includes all three lessons.

This series of modules is appropriate for anyone doing business in the United States. It is also helpful for those entering the workforce or changing careers.